Heather Cook is a writer, community alchemist, creative consultant, event producer and a dedicated student in the school of bad-assery.

Heather has launched businesses, developed fundraising campaigns, created marketing content and curated events for artists and arts-oriented organizations for over a decade in Durham, North Carolina. 

The heart of her work is a deeply rooted in her belief that Durham and it's creative community have the capacity to enact change and inspire greatness both regionally and beyond. Heather is dedicated to protecting the vibrancy and diversity of the city by serving as a conduit between communities and advocating for the vital contributions artists make to the city, especially in the wake of rapid development and gentrification.

"Development can push artists to the fringe and pose a great risk to Durham's creative culture, but I believe that by continuing to collaborate with, celebrate and support the artists in our city, Durham can grow gracefully into the next era." -HC